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About Us

About is one of the best Africa online stores that specialize in sales. distribution, and repair of kid's educational android tablets. When it comes to the aspect of the global distribution of gadgets, we are number one in Africa. No doubt, we started our operation fully in the year 2017 using several online sales platforms before we later launch our website in the year 2019.

We are not only into the distribution of kid's gadgets, but we also extend our operation in the aspect that makes our customers enjoy the value of money– such as sales and repairing of kid's educational tablets for all ages within 1- 18 years. Not only that, as it is our goal for customers to enjoy the value of their money, but we also make sure we install Applications that are suitable for kids according to age range; before we ship your order.

Our Vision And Mission.

Even though we are one of the best in Africa when it comes to the distribution of digital products, we are not settling for only that. We have a strong vision to become Africa's No 1 manufacturer and distributor of digital products globally. We have not seized pursuing this great vision since we started as a distributor. However, our vision is coupled with missions; which means we are not aiming to be number one in Africa without adding values to lives. Our mission in the process of attaining our vision is to ignite the genius in every child digitally and also to educate and provide homes for the homeless.

Trust And Safety.

We have gained so much trust from over 200+ customers across Africa. We are delighted to see wonderful testimonies from our happy customers. You can order your items directly from our website and received your items at your doorstep. Safety is guaranteed, we allowed payment on delivery. All these are to make our customers be on the safer side!