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Delivery On 1995

Delivery on is a seamless process, we operate during working days only. Before we can get your goods sent to you at your exact location without stress, in your registration process, you have to fill in all the information on the billing and shipping form. These are necessary for easy delivery, here are what is compulsory to fill out while you complete the billing form;

·         Ensure you provide an accurate contact address where your goods will be sent to

·         Provide the exact home address, zip code of the area, state, and probably a landmark close to that location

·         Ensure the phone number you fill in are reachable and are always available between the ordering period and until you get your goods.

·         Also, ensure your email address is available in case of cancelation in ordering.

·         Ensure your payment is done and your order is confirmed, afterward, your shipment and delivery parcel will be process immediately.

Delivery Charges

We charge base on the weight of goods, the location we are sending to and the cost incur in process of delivery. For every good that is to be ship down to you, then you will incur higher charges compare to local goods. Delivery charges are made with product payment, the two are processed alongside.

How Long Does it take to deliver your package?

Usually, between 2-3 Hrs within Lagos and Ogun state, and for Delivery outside Lagos and Ogun state, Delivery takes 24Hrs(for payment before delivery) while Payment on delivery takes 3-5 working days and your goods will get to you, however, in cases of special events or total unforeseen situation such as the Corona pandemic, there may be a bit of delay in the process of delivery.

Delivery Time

We are fast with our shipment, we process packages upon we receive order, we ensure we are as fast as possible to get your packages deliver to you, be sure the address you provide is correct.

Will I be communicated in when goods arrive?

Yes, that was why we always recommend your phone number to always be available while you are yet to get your packages.

Be in the know that we do not send packages or deliver products during weekends and public holidays.

For every successful order, you may not be able to change the shipping address after successful payment, however, if you wanted to change your billing and shipping location after you have confirmed your order, then you will have to cancel the order then you will have to change your address then you will have to take the order again.

Can I cancel an order after shipment has been made?

You will have to confirm from our live support to be sure if your packages have not been shipped

If you face any difficulties in the delivery of your package or you do not get your package on time, you may contact support to track your goods.